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    Tamarindo, Costa Rica

    July 11th, 2013

    2013-07-12_12h38_10Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit. Despite the fact that it’s a very popular tourist destination, the town is actually on the small side. The population of individuals who live there year round is only a very small 500. Don’t let that stop you from visiting this majestic location, however. There is still much to do and see, which is why visitors flock to the area during the spring and summer months.

    Plus, you get to enjoy that small town vibe(think lower prices on souvenirs and other items and friendliness from the locals!) without missing out on any of the opportunities offered by major cities. And, if you’re someone who really wants a quiet, peaceful vacation, consider visiting Tamarindo in the winter months. The weather is still just as lovely and there aren’t many tourists around so you’ll get to see the city as it truly is and witness the beautiful and unique way of life of the people who call Tamarindo home.
    A Haven for Surfers and Swimmers
    While there are many different things to do in Tamarindo, surfing is definitely one of the main draws. Tamarindo is home to beautiful Playa Tamarindo and Tamarindo Beach, as well as other beaches. The first beach is known for being a major surfing spot. There are big waves for advanced surfers who want to take a wild ride, as well as gentler water for those just beginning. True beginners can even sign up for a surfing lesson from one of the locals; these can often be purchased on the beach when you arrive or ahead of time by planning and buying a travel package. If surfing isn’t your thing and you’d rather just swim and soak up the waves, Tamarindo beach is a better, calmer bet. Both beaches are fairly clean too, so you can truly relax and enjoy the beauty of some of nature’s finest beaches.
    Perfect for Animal Lovers
    Tamarindo is a much loved spot for animal lovers, and it’s easy to see why. There are few other places in the world where you can observe beautiful, ancient leatherback turtles in their natural habitats. If you go at the right time, you might be able to see the turtles out on the beach, but there are also special nature tours available that will get you up close and personal with these gorgeous creatures. These tours are educational and exciting, making them perfect for a family outing Horseback riding is also popular in Tamarindo. Even if you’ve never saddled up before, you can learn with an experienced guide and experience the thrill of a lifetime in one of the world’s most beautiful places.
    Catch a Fish!
    Whether you’ve been fishing a million times or have never baited a hook in your life, fishing in Tamarindo is definitely an experience you’ll want to have. Don’t worry about bringing your own poles and gear either. You can easily rent them at most beaches and rivers or you can buy inexpensive poles. If you’re in doubt about how to go about fishing, just sneak a peek at the locals—they’re pros!

    Nightlife and Fine Dining
    Once you’ve spent the day experiencing nature at its most beautiful and trying new things, you’ll likely want to unwind with a drink or a heaping plate of delicious food with local flair. Luckily, it’s easy to do both. Tamarindo, Costa Rica is home to many excellent bars and clubs. You can find the traditional bars with the rustic vibes, or opt for something a little more upscale. Just be sure to pick somewhere with great, traditional food, though there are also restaurants that sell (attempts at) American food. No matter where you eat or what you do, however, you’re sure to have a blast if you visit Tamarindo, Costa Rica.