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    Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

    July 11th, 2013

    2013-07-12_12h37_07Playa Conchal, Costa Rica, also known as Conchal Beach, is a wonderful place to visit. It is one of the nation’s most beautiful and pristine beaches, and it offers plenty of opportunities for excitement and fun. If it’s swimming and sunning that you’re after, you can certainly find it in Playa Conchal, but there are also exciting things to do and see—things you might not expect to find on a beach.

    That’s because Playa Conchal truly is a beach like no other. In fact,if you could only go to one beach in your entire life, you’d want to make it this one.
    Go Exploring!
    While there are certainly many different activities you can take part in at Playa Conchal, sometimes you just want to do some exploring and see an area for yourself. If that’s the mood you’re in, make exploration easy by renting an ATV or a horse. ATVs or all-terrain vehicles are fun and fairly easy to control and can turn any exploration day into a true adventure. If you’re more of a nature or animal person, renting a horse is the way to go. Don’t worry—the horses on Playa Conchal are very used to people and are very friendly and gentle. And, if you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with excitement, it’s also possible to rent a car or take a taxi if you venture away from the beach and into town.
    Dinner and Drinks
    After all that exploring, it’s understandable if you need a little refreshment. Fortunately, Playa Conchal is lined with vendors day and night. Bite into a meaty (and delicious) kabob or another easy-to-eat food and opt for a drink—alcoholic or non. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale or if you want to explore the nightlife, Brasilito is nearby and features plenty of bars, clubs, and fine dining establishments. You’ll also find that, in town and on the beach, the prices are very reasonable.
    Don’t Forget to Look Down!
    While you’re on the beach, don’t forget to look down. When you do, you’ll discover the distinct feature that sets Playa Conchal apart from other beaches. Instead of sand between your toes, you’ll feel and see crushed shells! If you walk around and explore the shore a little bit, however, you can likely find a nice, whole shell to bring home with you. And, if you can’t, there are plenty of vendors who sell them.
    Get Up Close and Personal with Animals
    If you like seeing beautiful creatures in their natural habitats, then take advantage of the path located near the beach—don’t worry, it’s hard to miss. Grab the vehicle of your choice or get a guide and head down the path to see all kinds of beautiful natural scenery and even more beautiful animals. While there are all kinds of birds, crabs, and more, monkeys are a favorite among the tourists who come to Playa Conchal. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might just see one for yourself!
    Do a Little Shopping
    Do you like to shop? If so, you’ll be glad to know that there’s no shortage of shopping opportunities on Playa Conchal. Whether you’re after handmade furniture and home goods, handmade jewelry, or other items crafted by the locals, vendors on the beach are sure to have something that appeals to you. Plus, most vendors are willing to haggle, so don’t back down and you can end up getting a wonderful souvenir for a steal.
    In addition to all of the fun activities discussed, you can also go snorkeling, sailing, or jet skiing. All these adventures are waiting for you in Playa Conchal! What are you waiting for? Plan your trip today!