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  • The Underwater Life of Costa Rica
    Exploring the Costa Rican region is fun and rewarding, but some divers love...
    The Diving Diet
    Boxing, long distance sprinting, and gymnastics all have one thing in common: You need the proper diet before your big performance...
    Do I Need to Be Certified to Go Diving in Costa Rica?
    If you’re interested in going diving while in Costa Rica, you are likely wondering whether or not you need any special certification in order to do so...
    Different of Diving in the Caribbean Vs. Pacific Side of Costa Rica
    Whether you’re a soon-to-be first-time diver or a seasoned pro, you undoubtedly want to have the best diving...
    Why Go Diving in Costa Rica?
    Have you always wanted to try your hand at diving? You shouldn’t just think about doing the things you want to do...
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    Our company offers highly experienced, certified diving instructors and diving tours in many different regions of Costa Rica. We provide a safe and rewarding diving experience for groups that are interested in exploring the world underwater, from its beautiful wildlife to its majestic ocean views. We respect and adhere to any and all regulations regarding both diver safety and environmental conservation, as Costa Rica and surrounding regions put a great deal of time and energy into preserving its natural splendor.

    We offer diving services in the northern and southern regions of Costa Rica, including its many islands and peninsulas. Our diving instructors are certified to handle any and all of the conditions which can be found in the region, and we take great care in ensuring that our divers are properly equipped and prepared to handle them as well. Your experience and your safety are both our highest priorities.